One of Rotary's Avenues of Service is community service, which motivates Rotaractors to give back to their communities. Every Rotaract club and Rotaractor takes on the responsibility of raising the standard of living in their communities and serving the public interests. Rotaract is defined by its commitment to service. It highlights Rotaract's attractiveness and visibility in the community, as well as why Rotaract is still alive and kicking. Rotaractors understand the value of giving back to their communities. We commit Rotaractors to identify ways to contribute to the betterment of those in our communities and to serve the public good.


“Uplifting the standard of the community through sustainable initiatives.”


“Serving the society to increase the standards in the fields of education, environment, mental health and equality by undertaking sustainable projects in said focus areas that would be completed within an adequate time frame.”