Acronyms / Abbreviations

RI Rotary International
RC Rotary Club
RAC Rotaract Club
TRF The Rotary Foundation
PE President Elect.
PN President Nominee
PP A Past President
DRR Current District Rotaract Representative for this Rotary/Rotaract Year
DRRE District Rotaract Representative Elect.
PDRR A Past District Rotaract Representative
DG Current District Governor for this Rotary/Rotaract Year
AG Assistant Governor
Rtn. Rotarian (Rotary Member)
Rtr. Rotaractor (Rotaract Member)

Common Terms

Rotaract: Young people 18 – 30ish, helping locally & globally, growing themselves & having fun!

Rotary: 18+ problem-solvers share ideas, join leaders & take action to create lasting change!

Interact: A program for 12–18 year old’s to help make a difference and join the Rotary Family.

District: A group of clusters in a region, usually holding about 60 clubs, approx. 1100 members, led by a District Governor.